Take A Tour Of Hughenden Manor

Country home of the Victorian statesman Benjamin Disraeli

  • Enjoy a glimpse into the private life of the most unlikely Victorian Prime Minister, Benjamin Disraeli
  • Fascinating memorabilia, personal belongings, furnishings and paintings
  • Recreation of the colourful gardens designed by Disraeli’s wife, Mary Anne
  • Woodland walks with views of glorious Chilterns Countryside
  • Hire free Tracker Packs to help families explore the woods and gardens

When the outside weather may look cloudy and grey and a day out may not be all too inviting, head to one of the exquisite indoor sites from The National Trust. One of the many great rainy day destinations is Hughenden Manor in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.

This expansive estate is set among sprawling gardens and alluring landscapes. Hughenden Manor is further the place that Benjamin Disraeli, a Victoria statesman, would retire to as his own country abode.

The National Trust guides you through all of the more intimate rooms and relics of this noted statesman, as you can walk the very same corridors he tread. The stunning paintings and fine extravagances purchased to decorate this home of the Victorian Prime Minister will have you both awed and perhaps a bit envious.

If the weather permits you can then venture into the gardens that were planted and tended to by the Prime Minister’s wife, Mary Ann. Hughenden Manor is surely one of the favourite destinations for tourists among their many The National Trust sponsored stops.

Just outside in the immediate surroundings of Hughenden Manor lie numerous trails begging to be hiked and explored.

There are even free The National Trust Tracker Packs that travellers can pick up to make the most of their treks. Whether you are out to find a quite respite in a stunning natural setting, or simply take a peek into how Benjamin Disraeli lived, you will enjoy heading to Hughenden Manor.

As The National Trust will have the house opened up from 12th December to 20th December. Be sure to save the date!
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  • For anyone interested in the victorians and the lifestyle of the wealthy at that time, then a visit to Huughenden Manor is a must. A fascinating insight into the life of Benjamin Disraeli, a prime minister of the time. Beautiful furnishing, paintings and personal belongings of the man himself. The gardens are also a wonderful attraction.

    Just a short distance off the M40

  • When we emerged from the house we were both delighted when a volunteer stopped us to fill in a questionnaire. We had had such an interesting time that we wanted to tell someone immediately! We had become familiar with the history of Disraeli and Mary Anne on a previous visit but we were unaware of Hughenden’s secret wartime role. The Second World War displays in the cellars are amazing. They intrigue both old and young visitors as there are interactive exhibits and eye witness accounts to set memories and imaginations racing.

    On our first visit to Hughenden the weather was dull with drizzle therefore we didn’t appreciate the beautiful setting of Hughenden. I’m really pleased we visited again – a lot has been done to actively involve visitors in a learning experience and on dry days the walks available are super.

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