Speke Hall, Gardens and Estate

The outward appearances of the spectacular Speke Hall, Garden and Estate in Liverpool presided over by National Trust is a striking enough reason to come on out, yet there are so many more.

This house is in fact build in all the Tudor glory and by a family who was not shy in extravagances. Quite the opposite really, as they did go through great pains to have only the fines luxuries of the times and to prove so to anyone stopping by or passing out front.

This expansive manor house is filled with more than tapestries and furniture that are each a work of art, but the stories these rooms and items tell is actually much more thrilling.

Speke Hall was quite the centre of scandal back in the day with priests on the lam hiding out here among the walls in an effort to avoid persecution. Taking advantage of the guided tour of the house you will be made hip to all of the hidden walkways, hideaway holes, and other secrets that these wall whisper.

Much more than a treat to look at, this Speke Hall Tudor mansion is in fact filled with keen historical lore that is so juicy all ages will delight so much so they will never even be aware that they are learning.

After taking a tour through Speke Hall you can then head on outside to stroll among the gardens and landscaped areas. Among the many trails you will smell the fragrances of stunning flowers and perhaps even spot a woodland critter or two.

So when you are aching for a little historical scandal and a fun filled family retreat, look no further than Speke Hall, Garden and Estate.
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