Quarry Bank Mill and Styal Estate

Quarry Bank overflows with the atmosphere of the Industrial Revolution. A visit to the cotton mill, powered by Europe’s most powerful working waterwheel, will certainly stimulate your senses. The clatter of machinery and hiss of steam engines is astonishing. Take a guided tour of the Apprentice House, which housed the pauper children who worked in the mill. Visit the stunning garden – the Greg family’s picturesque valley retreat adjoining the mill. Stroll to Styal village, built by the Greg family to house the mill workers and still a thriving community, or walk through woods along the River Bollin

Don’t miss

  • Experience demonstrations on how cotton was processed into cloth.
  • See how water power was replaced by steam power.
  • Explore the garden, its terraced paths and cave.

A trip to National Trust location Quarry Bank Mill and Styal Estate in Cheshire is a perfect way to open up the eyes of today’s generation to the hardships of the past. This mill was at its top performance during the noted Industrial Revolution and you can let the wee ones of today know that they would be living a much different life had they been born during this key time in history.

You can walk among the expansive cotton mill and follow it up with a gawk at the waterwheel; there are guided tours available for those interested and you can then make certain that this fun escape is also one that is educational for the whole family.

Along with the cotton mill here at this National Trust venue you can further take a stroll on the encompassing trails and head out to the Apprentice House. This house was where the young, poor children resided after a full day of work at the mill; the tour includes of course a plethora of trivia regarding the cotton industry and the production plant itself and even a demonstration of this very practice.

The garden itself is glorious in its blooms but it may be the cave the draws the adventuresome spirits of the kids as they will love exploring it.

A trip to this National Trust mill can include a charming picnic lunch as there are facilities to do just this as well as a nearby play area that the kids will love to scramble upon. So when you are thinking of a great retreat that is not only going to bring you a little historical lore but a breathtaking outside venue as well, you should come on out to the Styal Estate.

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  • what a fantastic place to explore, it takes you back to what life would have been like for children then and makes you think twice how lucky we now are. I cant wait to go back and take my daughter as the experience stays in your mind forever its been over 12 years since I went with the school on a history project for my GCSE and it still seems like yesterday 10/10

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