Natural Wonders In Cumbria

Nestled in a dramatic low fells backdrop, the Vale of Grasmere has strong associations with Wordsworth and the romantic poets

Don’t miss

  • Wide range of walking opportunities, from high fells to lakeside and woodland paths
  • Spring daffodils and bluebells at Dora’s Field, Rydal
  • Spectacular unspoilt panoramas in every direction
  • Two picturesque lakes, perfect for boating and fishing
  • Visit the famous Dove Cottage, once the home of William Wordsworth
  • Hunt for Wordsworth’s inscription on a rock in Dora’s Field!

When you head on out to National Trust’s Grasmere in Cumbria you will not be spoilt for choice when it comes to natural wonders to be seen.

There is of course the Grasmere Lake that boasts pristine blue waters and a nearby forestry that is teeming with beautiful plants and an array of charming wildlife. Children will love exploring the trails and you can find plenty of those to take a refreshing hike along. Among the area encompassing this grand lake you can head out to Dora’s Field which is abloom with yellow daffodil flowers and complementing them are the bluebells.

You too will most likely be just as moved by this natural escape as the great William Wordsworth, whose own last name was a testament to his choice of artistry being the poet that he was.

There is also Helm Crag within this National Trust expanse and should you be up to the hike to the peak you will be blessed with an unparalleled view atop just under 400 meters of height. Again this very site is rich with literary lore as the man who penned ‘Pictorial Guides to the Lakeland Fells’, Alfred Wainwright, loved to spend many a days here.

The Easedale Tarn will round out any weekend holiday as it is not only ideal for the adventuresome of spirit to climb those rocky trails but also for a unique spot to sit for a little picnic lunch. Surely when you envision a single place to not only take in the majesty of the great outdoors but even pass on an appreciation for the worded arts to your family, you will find no greater place to do so that at Grasmere.

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  • Cumbria is one of the best places in the country to go walking. The views and pubs are some of the best I have ever seen.

  • Cumbria offers something for everyone, wether you’re looking for adventure, relaxing, beautiful colours and contours of our Great Britain.

  • Grasmere is a pretty little village nestled between crags, and on the banks of one of the smallest lakes in the region. It is lovely any time of year, but in spring with the daffodils in bloom and the sound of young lambs bleats carrying on the breeze, it makes you glad to be alive.

  • We love walking and would really love to come here. We would love to see what we could spot in the woodland paths.

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