National Trust Lecture Lunches

If you are looking to have a power lunch that includes not only tasty food but culture and arts as well, then you will want to take part in one of The National Trusts Lecture Lunches.

These events not only feature a prominent speaker related to the topic but also elegant dining fare sure to tempt your taste buds. The lunches are part of our Discovery Programme learning scheme, sponsored by Sky.

The whole family can benefit from the informal style of learning, a highlight of Sky’s Discovery Programme,which encourages people of all ages to join in.

Even better, between bites and listening to the engaging speakers, you can socialize with other like minded individuals who share your same passion and enthusiasm for the lesson.

The National Trusts Lecture Lunches are extended to people of all ages and welcomes the whole family for a day filled with fun and learning!

There is the series hosted by The National Trust’s Greenway on the architecture of the Greenway House, Gilberts of Compton, and The Project, as well as both the the Raleighs and Greenway to Greenway. With a full historic background of each topic you will be bemused and enlightened while eating the best of the 1950’s inspired food fare.

The National Trust also hosts ‘A Tale of Two Gardens’ at Trelissick Garden. Here you will graced with the presence of John Lanyon who is the head gardener of the Glendurgan garden and the Trelissick garden.

Pick up all he has to teach in regards to gardening as he shares his passion of plants and demonstrates his green thumb abilities. Further you will enjoy a full two courses of scintillating dishes.

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