National Trust Farmers Markets

Some of the most visited National Trust properties are now holding regular farmers’ and food markets. Here the National Trust show where and how the food you enjoy in their tea-rooms, or buy from their estate farm shop, come from.

Not only a great way to help support the local economy and farmers in your area, The National Trust farmers markets are excellent places to get the freshest foods and other tasty treats. Finding the best selection of the seasonal favourites, The National Trust’s farmers markets bring together both local tradesmen and those in the surrounding areas.

Buying locally is further a way in which you can give back to your own community and further promote a greener environment. When you purchase foods and other goods from The National Trust farmers markets you are doing more than helping out your neighbouring farmers and tradesmen.

Because the foods and crafts that can be found at the many booths aren’t subject to travelling great distances you can be sure that their shipping didn’t cause an exorbitant amount of carbon gas emissions. Shipping for processed goods and manufactured items for consumers is one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, and by buying your necessities at a local level such as at a The National Trust farmers market, you can help support a better environment.

Yet you will be getting all the quality and freshest tastes at one of the many The National Trust farmers markets being held at prime sites. The farmers markets at Gibson, Tyne, & Wear will be having events both 21st November and 19th December, boasting some of the best in produce. From Chiterns Gateway Centre, Dunstable Downs & Whipsnape Estate, Bedfordshire on 6th December you too can excite in the local flair.

The National Trust venue Dyrham Park, Gloucestershire will hold their own farmers market on 13th December. Whether you are shopping for dinner, looking for the most ripe fruits, or coming to sell, be sure to head out to one of these many festivities sponsored by The National Trust.

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