Lord Armstrong’s Cragside House & Gardens

When you take the children to Cragside in Northumberland upheld by National Trust you will be in for quiet a treat.

Not only is this place a beauty for the eyes and to be surrounded by natural splendour but you will in fact learn a few interesting details regarding this home’s history. In fact it was the residence of one such inventor, Lord Armstrong, who during the Victorian era paved the way in a number of industries.

He in fact claims the title of being the very first individual to employ hydroelectricity around his home to illuminate all of those lights. There is an array of other devices that he has thus left among the rooms and all will delight in their various usages; in fact after a visit here you too may be so moved as to create the next great piece of technology.

Yet here at this National Trust venue the interests of Lord Armstrong were not resigned solely to inventions and as further proof of this there are the out laying gardens and landscapes around this home. There are plenty of blooming flowers in the standard garden but there is also the Orchard House where you can delight in the fruits that are still growing today aplenty.

The trails around the lake are divine for a stroll and the kids will adore the labyrinth, so long as they don’t take a wrong turn and wind up lost! Finally a scramble through the rock garden is a must for any adventuresome spirit and the one present here is in fact the biggest in all those found in Europe!

For an escape to astounding natural beauty and to even pick up a few inspired or inventive thoughts, one should not miss Cragside in Northumberland.
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  • we went here last year, a magical and peacefull place.

  • Fascinating house – my dad worked in the Armstrong shipyards on Tyneside, and we spent an hour looking at the draughtsman’s models of the ships – Dad worked with these when he was an apprentice.

    The extensive grounds are well worth a walk.

  • This looks a really lovely place to visit – one day as we’re travelling around I may just get there.

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