A Hard Day’s Night

A little terrace house in Liverpool is where the Beatles met, rehearsed and wrote many of their songs. Join our characterful custodian on a trip around the McCartney family home, and hear stories from one of the most exciting times in music history.

Enjoy contemporary photos by Michael McCartney and original early Beatles memorabilia. Hear Michael’s and Paul’s reminiscences on the audio tour but please note there is no direct access by car or on foot and visits are by minibus tour only.

Even the youngest of souls can appreciate the lyrical musings of the iconic Beatles and you can take the whole family out to National Trust venue 20 Forthlin Road in Allerton, Liverpool to bring them up to speed on the band’s beginnings.

Surely being made privy to the boyhood house of one Mr John Lennon is a treat that is not to be passed up, and when you take a venture to the McCartney house you will more likely than not be moved to belt out a few choice lines; and perhaps you too will need some HELP or be taking a ride on a Yellow Submarine after a Hard Days Night!

Inside this charming home you will of course see plenty of memorabilia from this band that played such a vital part in developing music as we hear it today. Further you will be blessed to hear a recount of times passed here from the earlier days from both Paul and Michael McCartney.

Each roam around this house and surrounding yard will be lead by a hospitable guide to make sure that you don’t miss any interesting facts or relics. Perfectly preserved in all its glory by National Trust, 20 Forthlin Road still retains pictures snapped by and of Paul McCartney himself; you will be able to pass along the message to your children that not only were numerous songs that they are able to enjoy today written at this very place but that the entire band, once formed, were often set to practising here for hours.

Music lovers and people of all ages will of course regale in coming to this outwardly appearing normal home but upon entering be granted one unique experience of a lifetime.

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  • My parents always take me around national trust houses and this is one i will be recomending we go to next! I love the beatles and think that this would be really intresting for both me and my teenage brother.

  • This would be a fascinating visit for a music lover and especially a Beatle’s music lover! How interesting to see where some very memorable songs were written and practised and to step back in time to the 1950s and 60s.

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