George Stephenson’s Birthplace

When you come to the National Trust venue of George Stephenson’s Birthplace in Northumberland you will be embarking with your family a mental trip back to the days of long ago past.

You will begin by witnessing the humble abode that George Stephenson resided within, in which his entire family was limited to sharing a single room. Talk about cramped quarters; you can point this out to your own children and let them imaging living under similar circumstances.

Inside of this tiny home kept in pristine condition by National Trust you will find that what sparse furniture and other ornamentations there are that they are still right in line with the 1780’s traditional theme. You will then be met with an accurate snapshot of history.

The home itself was erected before 1760 and with the needs of families working in the mines in mind. It was for this purpose that drew the Stephensons in the first place. Seeing for himself up close the workings of industry this perhaps paved the way for the rail road advancements that awaited creation by the young George Stephenson in the future.

Upon visiting this National Trust locale you will of course be given a tour of the small abode but further be treated to hearing an interpretation put on right before you. This will then conclude with of course facts and a bit of schooling in the Rocket steam locomotive that was the brainchild of this great George Stephenson.

Both rail road enthusiasts and families alike with enjoy a trip out to this rustic yet charming house and parents will adore being granted a chance to impart a bit of historical learning for young, curious minds.
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