Explore Coniston & Tarn Hows

Historic woodland and tranquil tarns framed by rugged mountainous scenery at the north end of Coniston Water.

  • Easy access strolls with picturesque views
  • Many great locations for watching lakeside and woodland wildlife
  • Exotic trees planted by 19th-century collectors
  • Boat trips on a rebuilt Victorian steam yacht
  • Lakeland farms given to the Trust by Beatrix Potter

For a diverse array of options to fill your day, National Trust’s Coniston and Tarn Hows in Cumbria is sure to offer you a winning time.

From the splendid Tarn Hows that offer picturesque views of the towering mountains and the paths to take a stroll on along the water’s edge to the charming creatures that call these forests their homes, you will surely be delighted.

You may also want to head out to the Monk Coniston garden where the fragrant flowers, vibrant booms, and conifers reaching skyward, will be a treat for both the eyes and the nose.

This National Trust site will also offer you the chance to take to the pristine waters itself aboard the Steam Yacht Gondola which is made reminiscent of true Victorian style. You will then be apt to enjoying the surrounding greenery and lakeside wonders all at the leisurely steam yacht pace.

After disembarking you can choose to relax among the National Trust wooded regions. You will be entranced by the serene forested beauty and may choose to set up a picnic for yourselves or just take a few family photos.

Should you be looking to make your trip to National Trust’s Coniston a bit more physical you can hop aboard your bike and set to pedalling the surrounding areas. There are many routes to choose from with varying levels of difficulty, so no matter your age or experience you will be set.

You may even want to get to spinning your wheels at such a rapid pace as 300mph that Donald Campbell was noted for, but if that seems a bit daunting you don’t need to be moving nearly that fast!

When you are looking for an amazing experience filled with memories, head out to this marvellous National Trust site.
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  • Idyllic

  • Wow! I have never been to Cumbria. This review is great. What a really nice place to visit, it looks so relaxing and beautiful.

  • ‘Explore Coniston & Tarn Hows’ is most certainly on my “wish list” of things to do in the summer holidays, roll on July.

  • I visited Tarn Hows early in the morning many years ago and am still moved by the quietness and tranquility of this beautiful area.

  • As a child I spent many holidays with my parents exploring The Lakes. One of our faviourite places to visit was Coniston Water with it’s peaceful charm. Now with a family of my own, Coniston Water is a must when we visit The Lakes. It allows me to recapture my youth and generates magical memories for my children.

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