Create Paper Flowers

While Spring may be a time filled with flowery blooms, should you come to experience National Trust’s A Plant in Time you will find that these special petals are all made of paper!

In fact you may be surprised to find out that these intricately hand crafted paper flowers are in fact folded and woven by a steady hand. These unique artisans will be setting up their displays across the country so that no matter where you reside you will be offered the chance to behold their vibrant works.

The National Trust has teamed up with Yorkshire and Clydesdale Banks in their movement to bring to you all the joys that can be had with the Greener Gardens Initiative to enhance appreciation for all that is green and grows.

So while these craftsman of paper flowers may work with paper, with the aide of the National Trust they will hopefully inspire you to be moved by the beauty of natural ones too and will want to protect their place in the environment.

In fact should you want to test your own skills at making these paper blossoms you will be offered that chance in one of the workshops that are free to partake in.

This National Trust event will be coming to Nostell Priory, West Yorkshire, Hidcote Manor Gardens in Gloucestershire. Further it will be hitting Lanhydrock in Cornwall and to Cliveden in Buckinghamshire.

There are multiple other locations as well, and to find a full listing you need only head to the National Trust’s website and seek out the A Plant in Time events calendar.

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  • It’s a little bit far away from me, but I love the idea of the paper flowers – might have to have a go with my daughter on a rainy afternoon.

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