Cornish Mad Hatters

Anyone who may have let their imaginations be taken away in the magical filmdom of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland may recognize this marked National Trust site that is Antony House in Cornwall.

Yes, making its way to the silver screen as a backdrop to the famous story is one reason to stop by Antony House in Cornwall, you may not find a white rabbit but if the weather is nice you could set up picnic and have your very own unbirthday tea party perhaps?

Either way you will not be lacking for things to see when you come; inside you can bear witness to the captivating wall art and fine furnishings that were put in place by the family of the Carew Poles. Taking a trip back in time, this is further established by the fine brick and stone architecture, you may soon find yourself envisioning a different pace of life.

Outside Antony House there are a myriad of flowers just beckoning you to come take a scent at National Trust establishment Antony House in Cornwall. There is no shortage of greenery as you can walk the multiple gardens: the Woodland Garden, the formal garden or the knot garden.

Children will also delight in the many sculptures that are a main attraction and the backdrop of azaleas, daylilies, and camellias certainly make for a supreme family portrait. So if you are pondering an ideal place to spend a marvellous afternoon with the family, or even for you own amusement, be sure to set a date for Antony House in Cornwall; however, you may want to reconsider if you plan on taking a sampling of any cookies or drinks!

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