Cherishing Clumber Park

Idyllic walks with amazing scenery and wildlife, all nestled amongst the remnants of Clumber’s grand past

  • 3,800 acres of green open space to relax in and enjoy
  • Discover more of the Park on your bike with over 20 miles of cycle routes through spectacular scenery
  • Europe’s longest double avenue of lime trees line the grand entrance
  • Find a moments peace and tranquillity in Clumber Chapel
  • The recently refurbished restaurant uses fresh ingredients picked in our walled kitchen garden

Sure to capture you with its enchanting natural beauty, National Trust’s Clumber Park in North Nottinghamshire in Sherwood Forest is an excellent venue for people of all ages. Spend a day exploring the 3,800 acres of expansive meadowland sure to create a calm and serene environment.

Escape from the noises and hustle and bustle of your days with a stroll along the lime trees and even take a pedal atop the more than 20 miles of bike routes. There is further an exquisite restaurant to dine at should you work up an appetite.

No matter if you are out for a day of rest and repose or one a bit more active with a cycle, this National Trust site is sure to meet you every desire.

The herbal smells wafting from The National Trust’s walled kitchen garden is a fancy for the eyes and nose alike. There is the 400 feet of herbal borders as well as a plethora of fruit trees, and all of this is encompassed by a stunning glasshouse.

There is further the Chapel of St Mary the Virgin that dates back to 1886, and it’s intricate carvings and designs will leave you in awe. The cool waters of the lake run clear and blue and you will certainly see plenty of wildlife and birds all surrounding this treasure.

No matter where you go among The National Trust’s Clumber Park you will be met with idyllic views and places ideal for relaxation. Spending the day with your family and friends, or simply in your own company is always conducive and you will not forget the time spent at this cherished National Trust destination!
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  • The walled garden is particularly lovely, and if you picnic in the grounds you will have very friendly squirrels keeping you company.

  • Just watch out for Robin Hood

  • Stationed near there with the Army some time ago, wonderful place.

  • This really is one of the most beautiful places me and my family have had the pleasure in visiting. Very relaxing and scenic

  • To see the best of Clumber Park you need more than just one visit. The walk around the lake at any time of year is beautiful. Off the beaten tracks there are some amazing trees, that are ages old, that the grandchildren love to hug.
    We visit Clumber most weeks and each time there are different things to see and here, such as the green woodpecker making his holes in the tree and the pied woodpecker coming for a feed on one of the bird tables. The bird life is very interesting throughout the seasons.
    We like all national trust properts and visit them when we can.

  • We quite literally stumbled upon Clumber Park when my nephew married there in January 2010 (Clumber Ppark Hotel) staying for the weekend. We wondered what we would do on the Sunday as we thought we were stuck in the middle of nowhere. How wrong we were!

    The whole area is simply stunning and the snow made it more spectacular. We took a walk after Sunday lunch and only wish we had left earlier and had lunch within the grounds. We did the chapel/ashes trail which was about a mile and took us past the garden and the lake. Stunning scenery in the snow and definately a place we would want to see more of, but whent he weather is a bit warmer lol.

  • hi , i visited clumber park this afternoon and was astonioshed to be greated with a £5.25 entrance fee , i have not been there for quite a while and the last time i was there i was allowed in on my blue badge , i was told that they are not accepted an more , i cannot walk and have a wheel chair in the car but the wife is frail and cannot walk me too far , its a pity i had come from barnsley for a little run in the car and was looking forward to having a picnic , i had to come home and go to the local park , i will not be coming to clumber park again , national heritage ????? you can have it all to yourselfs, ian

  • A truly peaceful place the squirrels apt on sharing your picnic, the treecreepers and all manner of birds are fab.
    A great place to wander through.

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