At Peace On Brownsea Island

For those with a spirit for adventure and the great outdoors you cannot miss out on the treat that is National Trust site Brownsea Island.

Here you will be overwhelmed with a myriad of trails to hike among the towering trees, lush green foliage, tranquil waterways, and of course plenty of wildlife. In fact you will note that one very special red squirrel calls this haven home and sadly it is also listed as an endangered species so you must take the time to say hello while there is still the opportunity.

Yet don’t fret because there is still hope for this cute critter and you can instil in the younger generation the importance of keeping such natural environments such as this preserved.

National Trust locale Brownsea Island is further home to Sika deer who you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of if you are quiet and don’t startle them. You won’t have to worry about being loud around the birds however as they will go right on with their business.

Take some time to traverse these lovely trails and seek out hidden nooks and shelters just teeming with both animal life and an array of plants. Certainly some time away from the hustle and bustle of noisy city life, as this is far removed, is not only good for the body but also the soul. You will find yourself at peace among the great outdoors and young children will also be able to burn off a bit of their own pent up energy; certainly a bonus for all those parents!

So set a date and be sure to head out to majestic Brownsea Island.

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