Adore Anglesey Abbey

If you are looking to bring you family a day filled with pleasure and do so in true 1930’s nostalgia then you need only head to National Trust site Anglesey Abbey.

Here you will delight in the garden blooming with a myriad of colourful blooms; truly a treat not only for the eyes but for the nose too!

This historic landmark in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire was brought from drab to fab by the man who would in turn become Lord Fairhaven. Anglesey Abbey was the first place that was gifted enough for him to call home but it took quite a bit of work on his end to bring it to the wondrous venue it is today.

Lord Fairhaven worked tirelessly to fill the manor with all the trappings that royalty would be envious of; you too can still take in its beauty as National Trust has retained the many clocks, lavish furnishings, artwork, and fully stocked library. Outside you can see just how much the man adored watching the horses race and also his joy for shooting; you can impart to the young children that many a days and nights were spent at this very spot among the Lord and his other patrons who were in town for those main attractions.

Whether you decide to come out to this attractive National Trust Anglesey Abbey for the chance to take a step back in time and explore the inner home or take a gulp of fresh air while perusing the garden, one thing for certain is that you will be hard pressed to find a better way to spend an afternoon!

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